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What Does Evidence-Based Mean?

The term “Evidence-Based” means that there has been accredited research that has looked into the effectiveness of the Grief Recovery Method®, which has been published in a respected peer-reviewed journal. In the case of this research, conducted at Kent State University by Drs. Rachael D. Nolan and Jeffery R. Hallam, their results were published in two separate articles in “The American Journal of Health Education.”

Their findings have shown that The Grief Recovery Method® goes “beyond" the level of being a “best practice” or a promising approach to dealing with the emotional pain of loss. This designation means that a formal study has been done that places high confidence in that those who follow the Grief Recovery Method® Action Plan, can and do successfully move beyond the pain caused by loss.

The Grief Recovery Method® gives grievers the opportunity to deal with those things they wish might have been different or better in that relationship lost. It gives them the chance to address their incomplete dreams and expectations for the future, which is now, not the future they had planned.

When you are suffering, on a daily basis, with the pain of a broken heart, there is one major question you need to ask yourself: Do I want to continue to suffer this pain for the rest of my life? Many people think this is the only option, and the fate they must endure forever. Many become accustomed to finding themselves in tears at odd moments throughout their days when they think of a love or relationship lost. Others believe that their loss has destroyed their happiness and sense of security, and now feel that they will be bitter and joyless forever.

When we begin to grieve naturally, and learn how to complete what is emotionally unfinished, by applying the action steps of The Grief Recovery Method®, we learn that grieving does not have to be a permanent condition.